We Love: Poutine


Special Menu

At Franc's Bar + Diner, we just love food. We love it so much, that we've created a special bi-monthly menu to champion the food that we're currently in love with.

You won't find these on our normal menu, but that's because this is not normal food. We Love is all about, indulgent, comforting, guilty eats. It's the kinda food you just can't get enough of and at Franc's, that's just how we like it.

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We Love:

Duck Poutine
Duck confit | crispy skin | fried egg | curds | gravy | parmisan

Pizza Poutine
Pepperoni | bacon | peppers | mushrooms | mozzarella cheese | more cheese

Mexican Poutine
Jalapeno | avocado | tomato salsa | chilli beans | sour cream | green onions


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